Strength & Conditioning for Wrestling-  Youth & Junior High E-Book

Strength & Conditioning for Wrestling- Youth & Junior High E-Book

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About This Item

Coach Myers has trained athletes for over 15 years and has been the strength coach for the Ohio Regional Training Center since 2012. He has worked with champion wrestlers at every level of the sport - from youth to the Olympic games, and helped OSU win their first ever NCAA team title in 2015.

His E-book series has helped athletes and coaches around the world understand how to properly train their athletes for competition. Now, due to overwhelming demand, he has developed this comprehensive Strength training manual to take all of the guess work out of training your Youth or Jr High wrestler.

“As a parent or coach, one of the hardest things is teaching solid strength training technique to your athlete when this is not your area of expertise. The best strength routine and the most beneficial exercises can quickly become dangerous and ineffective if proper technique is not taught and utilized.
My e-book contains Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programs to accommodate any wrestler from age 5 up thru junior high and middle school. You will also find a comprehensive exercise library with over 75 bodyweight, band resistance, weightlifting, plyometric, and functional movements broken down for you to understand. Each exercise has a text description from start to finish, pictures showing the different stages of the movement, and a video link that shows a youth athlete performing the exercise as I coach them on the proper cues and positioning. I don’t want to simply show you which exercises your athlete should do - I want you to understand how to execute the movements properly, for the benefit and safety of your athlete. Let me take all of the guess work out of this process for you”.
-Coach Myers, Strength & Conditioning Coach, The Ohio Regional Training Center

What you will find in this book:
*Dynamic Warm Up/Injury prevention program*
*Full Exercise Library*
*Beginner Program*
*Intermediate Program*
*Advanced Program*
*Conditioning Schedule
*Challenge Workouts*
*Negatives and Pause Reps Explained*
*Keys to the Program*

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